The Caucasian Chalk Circle: techniques

Brechtian techniques

  • Props on stage (formed stage and set from these)
  • Gestus (cradling baby)
  • Random comedy (Grusha crossing the bridge)
  • Asides (Grusha telling audience her plan)
  • Multi-roling (several actors became one another for some of the play)
  • Placards (scene names written on them)
  • Synchronised/ choreographed movement (moving props around stage repetitively to a rhythm)
  • Ambiguous title (no attachment, open-ended allergorical drama)
  • Chaos/ confusion (monologue happening at the same time as other actors saying lines and moving props)
  • Costumes were not time period-specific (high-vis jacket, petticoat, wellies)
  • Actors had their back to the audience (audience became the jury during the court scene)
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