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Exclusive economic zone
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Neap tide
lowest high tide and the highest low tide
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Spring Tide
HIghest high tide and lowest low tide
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Zone 1
subtidal backs shore/upper beach only effected by spring tide
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zone 2
inter-tidal foreshore/lower beach
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Zone 3
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Zone 4
offshore water/EEZ
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zone 5
beyond national jurisdiction
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movement of people into coastal areas
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organisation of petrol exporting countries
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European union with 28 members
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modifying a product to suit a local area
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North America Free Trade Agreement (mexico , USA , Canada)
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least developed countries (50 poorest countries)
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Organisation of economic corperation and development
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export processing zone
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Foreign Direct Investment
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caused by human activity
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a fall/slide of a large mass of snow/rock down a mountainside
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Capacity to cope
ability to deal effectively with something dificult
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Chronic Hazard
A hazard that is long term and persistent such as EL NINO or global warming
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context hazard
a widespread threat due to environmental factors such as climate change
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convection current
transfer of heat through fluid by the circular motion of the liquid
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the outer layer of the earth
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a system of winds rotating inwards to an area of low atmospheric pressure either counterclockwise (northern) or clockwise (southern)
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having had a reduction in quality or value
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a sudden event such as an accident or a natural catastrophe, that causes great damage or loss of life
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a prolonged period of abnormally low rainfall
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a sudden and violent shaking of the ground, sometimes causing great destruction
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an overflowing of a large amount of water beyond its normal confines
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geomorphological hazard
that impacts /caused by the change of the land
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geophysical hazard
those caused the the earths process
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global warming
the gradual increase in the temperature of the earth atmosphere, believed to be due to the greenhouse effect, caused by increased greenhouse gas.
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an event which had the potential to threaten life and property
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hazard hot spots
a geographical area that experiences an unusual number of hazards
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hydro-meteorological hazard
a hazard form by hydrological (flood) and atmospheric (storm) processes
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the sliding own a mass of earth or rock from a mountain/cliff
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hot molten or semifluid rock erupted from a volcano or fissure, or solid rock resulting from cooling of this
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the outer part of earth consisting of the crust and the upper mantle
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low pressure system
a low pressure area, is where the atmospheric pressure at sea level is below that of surrounding locations
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hot fluid or semi fluid rock below/within the earths crust
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the region of the earths interior between the crust and the core, believed to consist of hot,dense silicate rock
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natural hazards
a natural event, process
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Quasi-Natural Hazard
hazard which have been exacerbated by human action
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super hazard
infrequent but cause catastrophic earth changes for example super volcanoes
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techno hazard
hazards that derive from system failure sych as chernobyl nuclear disaster
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an opening in the earths crust through which molten lava, ash and gases are ejected.
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degree to which people, property, economic, the environment and social activity is susceptible to harm ,degradation or destruction.
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lowest high tide and the highest low tide


Neap tide

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HIghest high tide and lowest low tide


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subtidal backs shore/upper beach only effected by spring tide


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inter-tidal foreshore/lower beach


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