Crime Control, Prevention & Punishment

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1. If you have been a victim, you are likely to be one again. This definition is known as what?

  • Bad luck
  • Repeat victimisation
  • The victimisation cycle
  • Victimisational de ja vu
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2. A criticism of critical victimology is that they disregard the role victims play in...

  • Bringing victimisation on themselves
  • Preventing crime
  • Creating a crime
  • Exaggerating the crime or deviant act

3. Positivist victimologists aim to identify what?

  • All of the mentioned points
  • The way in which people commit crimes
  • Factors that produce victimisation patterns
  • How the powerful victimise the powerless

4. Retribution is 'paying back'. It's justification for punishing criminals, who deserve it for breaking society's...

  • Unity
  • Moral codes
  • Togetherness
  • Value consensus

5. When individuals become locked in a cycle of control (care home to prison to asylum), it can be described as a trend of...

  • Annoyance
  • Fascination
  • Transcarceration
  • Incarceration


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