Crime Control, Prevention & Punishment

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1. A fear of victimisation is often irrational e.g. women fear going out at night, even if men are more likely to be victims. Which study supports this?

  • Ansley (1976)
  • McRobbie (1978)
  • McRobbie (2002)
  • Beck (1992)
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2. Secondary victimisation: individuals may suffer further victimisation from criminal justice system, e.g. **** victims treated poorly is like a double violation. This is argued by...

  • The New Right
  • Functionalists
  • Feminists
  • Marxists

3. According to Cohen, community-based controls have cast what over more people?

  • A less enjoyable life
  • Net of strict sanctioning
  • Net of control
  • Middle-class measuring rod

4. Situational Crime Prevention is argued by which perspective?

  • Functionalism
  • Left Realism
  • Right Realism
  • Marxism

5. Retribution is 'paying back'. It's justification for punishing criminals, who deserve it for breaking society's...

  • Moral codes
  • Unity
  • Value consensus
  • Togetherness


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