Crime Control, Prevention & Punishment

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1. Feminists argue that women don't stay at home during fear of victimisation for safety, but rather because of their psychological state. E.g.

  • The threat of patriarchal violence they could face from men.
  • They aren't aware of the outside world, so don't want to venture away from home.
  • Staying at home has led to insanity, but they still fear going outside.
  • If they have mental issues, they are likely to not be allowed out from care home etc.
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2. Which of the following is an alternative to prison?

  • Tagging
  • Dabbing
  • Dodging
  • Tigging

3. Disciplinary power has been typical since the 19th century. This consists of governing...

  • Surveillance.
  • Body, mind or 'soul'. Done through surveillance.
  • Society's opinions.
  • Everyone's mind.

4. Which of the following is not a criticism of SCP?

  • It ignores causes of crime (poverty or poor socialisation), so hard to develop long-term crime reduction strategies.
  • Assumes rational choice calculation happens, yet some crimes are impulsive.
  • Chaiken et al: Designing out NY roberries didn't happen, it merely displaced them.
  • Clarke: rational choice theory exists.
  • It focuses on opportunistic petty crimes, ignores costly & harmful white collar, corporate and state crimes.

5. Give a modern example of SCP:

  • Indigo Ship Port, Hawaii
  • Port Authority Bus Terminal, New York
  • Grand Central Bus Terminal, Manhattan
  • Camden, London


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