Crime Control and Prevention

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  • Crime Control and Prevention
    • Realism concerned with finding solutions
    • Left Realism- find solutions for the causes of crime (primary)
    • Right Realism find soliutions for preventing crime (secondary)
    • Situational Crime Prevention
      • Reducing opportunities by designing out crime
      • Use of CCTV to catch or deter a criminal
    • Environmental Crime Prevention
      • Crime caused by anti social behaviour
      • Wilson
      • Broken Windows- if behaviour is tolerated then an area deteriorates
      • Any sign of crime must be fixed immediately
    • Social and Community Crime Prevention
      • Address the social and economic conditions
      • Among young and ethnic minority groups
      • Urban crime is response to legitimate opportunities
      • Use community policing strategies
    • Prison seen as the best punishment
      • UK has overflowing prison population
      • Mathews-prison has no consideration of rehabilitation
      • Soloman- people get imprisoned for minor offences
      • Recidivism (re-offending) rates suggest prison doesn't deter


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