Crime and deviance, education, social inequality

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What is absolute poverty?
Not having the minimum to survive
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What is relative poverty?
Income is well below average so they are poor compared to others. Can't afford the general lifestyle.
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What is a criminal steroetype?
- Working class white boy, Poor socilaisation, often happens through labelling
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Gender achievement?
Girls do better
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Why do girls to do better?
Stereotypes (boys reject school), Peer pressure (boys arent supposed to be good, Lesiure activities (read more), Attudies, Spend more time on homework, start school earlier, socilisation, National curriculm policy 1988
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Home education?
Advantages: Reduces bullying, Reduces labelling Disadvantages: No secondary scolilation, Teaches you how to get on with people
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What is status?
Ascribed- Given to you Achieved- work for it They can be careted by wealth/income, media, jobs
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What is marxists view on education?
Teaches us to accept our lower position in society and prepares workers. Also teaches us there will always be people higher than us who we have to listen to.
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What is the functionalist view on education?
It is a positive thing which serves the need of the economy, Helps social control, Selection, Secondary socialisation, Facilating social mobility.
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First reasons people become criminal?
Inaquate socialisation (failure to accept norms)
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Second reasons people become criminal?
Sub cultural theories ( values and norms in a subculture may meaning to crime, influence of peer groups, could use crime to gain status)
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Third reason people become criminal
Relative depriavtion (poor compared to others)
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Fourth reason people become criminal
Marxist explanation (legal system favours the rich, capitalsim, people cant afford the normal good so use crime)
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Fifth reason people become criminal?
Labelling theory (people labelled criminal or no hope, being labelled as criminal may be reaction from public, self fulfilling prophecy)
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Ethnic minorities and crime?
8 times mor elikely to be seacrched because of police racism, stereotyped as danegrous or criminal, demographic factors)
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Life chances?
Life chances refer to the chances somebody has of having negative or postive outcomes over their lifetime
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What are they affected by?
Gender, Ethnicity, Class
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Gender differences in crime?
White collar crime, chivarlry thesis, devianting social type, socialisation, social control
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Consequences of poverty?
The culture of poverty (fatalism + imediate gratification), Cycle of deprivation (persists from generation to generation), Poverty trap
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What are the structural explanations of poverty?
Marxist (capitalism), Unemployment + inadequices of the welfare state- too low benefits and high unemployment
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What is the underclass?
Underclass is people who rely on benefits and live on welfare state
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What is relative poverty?


Income is well below average so they are poor compared to others. Can't afford the general lifestyle.

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What is a criminal steroetype?


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Gender achievement?


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Why do girls to do better?


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