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  • Sociology paper 2
      • A crime is an illegal act that punishable by law
      • Deviance refers to behaviour at does not conform to a society's norms or social rules
        • Legal deviance is behaviour that is seen as 'abnormal' by most people in a society that doesn't break a law
        • Illegal deviance involves criminal behaviour that is punishable by the state.
        • Deviance is judged according to the social setting or the context in which it takes place.
      • Social control
        • Formal social control- written rules that are set out in laws or things like school rules.
        • Informal social control-unwritten rules and is enforced through social pressure groups such as families
      • Social inequities refer to the unequal distribution of:
        • RESOURCES EG. power, wealth and income
        • OPPORTUNITIES EG. health, education and employment
      • SOCIAL STRATIFICATION; refers the way society is structured into a hierarchy of strata that are unequally ranked




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