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Sociology Crime and Deviance Notes:

1) The Difference between Crime and Deviance
Crime is an illegal act thqt is punishable by law, for example robbery and
shoplifting. If a person commits a crime and it is detected, they could be
charged and prosecuted. If found guilty, they will receive a…

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3) Deviance is socially defined and varies by:
Time: Some types of behaviour have become more acceptable over time,for
example being gay. Some types of behaviour have become less acceptable
over time e.g. smoking in public.
Society: Behaviour can b seen as deciant in one country but not in another,…

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euntirely due to an individual's actions. Labelling may help create a
self-fulfilling prophecy, by pushing someone further into deviance.

5) Crime Statistics: Existing sources of quantitative data of crimes reported by
the police.
They are a readily available and cheap source of secondary data
They provide a wealth of…

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-Self Report Studies: These surveys ask people to reveal offences they have
committed e.g. the Offending, Crime and Justice Survey (OCJS), which is a
longitudinal study measuring the extet of self-reported offending, drug use and
antisocial behaviour in England and Wales.
Provide information on offenders who aren't necessarily dealt…


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