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Sociology Exam Papers

Paper 1:

  • Introduction to scoiological theory and research methods
  • Education
  • Families

Paper 2:

  • The sociology of crime and deviance
  • Who has power within society?
  • Social inequality
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  • Sociology is the study of society and what influences them. It is a science so there are many research methods. People conform to many forms of society, such as a community of social traits.
  • Tthe study began with the French Revolution (1789-99)
  • The first person to use the term was a French writer, Auguste Comte, although he preferred "social physics".
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Consensus vs. Conflict

Consensus - they see society in a positive light. They study different functions and interactions of different social groups.

Conflict - they belived in societies being based of power. Those with power in society keep hold of it by exploiting other groups.

  • Consumerism - a desire to buy and use consumer products for their use and gratification
  • New social movements - an informally organised group who support a particular cause or promote certain interests
  • Progress - beliefe in the continuous improvement of society
  • Sociological debate - discussions between sociologists about how to best understand the nature of society
  • Unit of consimption - the family unit consumes the products if industrial society by purchasing goods and services. 
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