Conservatism- ideas

Pragmatism thinkers
Edmund Burke (traditional, 1729-97), Michael Oakeshott (1901-90).
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What is pragmatism
Rejects theory and ideology in favour of political practice, leads to stability and cohesion.
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Pragmatic approach to society
Should be flexible, with decisions made on the basis of what works.
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Oakeshott -pragmatism
'to be a Conservative is to prefer the tried to the untried'
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Strands linked to prgamatism
Traditional and one-nation conservatism.
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Edmund Burke -pragmatism
Traditional- facilitates 'natural' change, because a state 'without the means of some change is without the means of its conservation'.
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Traditional view on pragmatism
Only pragmatic policy can preserve key features of society, e.g: order, property, tradition.
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Weakened view of tradition (religious roots)
Enlightenment thinking from 18th century and innovations.
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Tradition thinkers
Edmund Burke and G.K Chesterton
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Edmund Burke and G.K Chesterton ideas
Past practices and customs have value as have proved 'fit for purpose', e.g. monachy promotes unity and national pride: 2011 royal wedding.
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Human Imperfection
Pessimistic view of human nature, flawed: psychologically, morally and intellectually.
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Organic society or state
True freedom- willing acceptance of the value of social obligation and ties.
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Society of self-interested and self-sufficient individuals, also increasingly social breakdown.
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Paternalism -thinkers
Burke and Disraeli
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Disraeli (1804-81)
Coningsby and Sybil- warned of two nations: rich and poor
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Supported by (paternalism)
'middle way' -Macmillan "private enterprise without selfishness".
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Opposed by (paternalism)
Neo-liberals with free-market economics and individualism.
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Primary role of state is to protect individuals rights.
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Libertarianism ideas and thinkers
Adam Smith- economic liberalism; Burke free-trade.
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Modern form of libertarianism
New Right- Thatcher and Reagan, opposing Keynesian management and welfare programmes.
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What is pragmatism


Rejects theory and ideology in favour of political practice, leads to stability and cohesion.

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Pragmatic approach to society


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Oakeshott -pragmatism


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Strands linked to prgamatism


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