Conservatism 2

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  • 5 Factors of the Early Development of Conservatism
    • Ideological developments
      • Industrialisation and the enlightenment era brought with it ideologies of liberalism and socialism which advocated reform and even revolution, with conservatism emerging as a reaction to defend traditional social order
    • Philosophical Rationalism
      • The movement away from the church during the age of reason - a lot of early conservatism is based in religious thought rather than reason
    • Religion
      • The influence of religion is present in early conservative thought as the idea of Catholic original sin formed the pessimistic view of human nature upon which conservatism is founded
    • Political Change
      • Change in ideologies as new liberalist and socialist ideas came to fruition within society. Also see the abolition of the monarchy in the French Revolution
    • Reaction to the Enlightenment
      • This period was so radical and revolutionary that there was bound to be a reaction to the changes which took place


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