Libertarianism and authoritarianism 10 marker

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  • Libertarian and authoritarian 10 marker
    • Libertarianism
      • Individual rights
      • Minimal state
      • Laissez Faire economics
      • Libertarianism does not require individuals to reject traditional conservative values
      • Hayek and Fried are both libertarian conservative
      • Ronald Reagan - "I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism".
      • It combines right libertarianism with conservative values.
      • It prioritises liberty as its main idea whilst also promoting free expression, freedom of choice and free market economics
    • Authoritarianism
      • Maistre - revolution would weaken the chains that bind people together and lead to a decent into chaos and oppression
      • Populist leaders mould their own ideas on the wishes of the common people.
        • Juan Peron - Argentina (more associated with fascism)
      • Burkean conservatism
        • Cautious
        • Modest
        • Pragmatic
        • Suspicious of fixed principles
      • Hobbes - life would be 'nasty brutish and short' if people weren't given protection
      • preservation of order – provides people with safety and security.
      • Paternalistic conservatism
    • The New Right attempts to merge economic libertairianism and social authoritarianism


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