COnservatism core values/ideas/beliefs

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  • Conservatism
    • Politics/democracy
    • Mistrust of theory
    • Tradition/resistance to change
      • Belief in tradition to provide conitnuity
      • Burke opposed french revolution as it went against idea of GRADUAL CHANGE
    • The organic state
      • Society, like the body has different parts for different functions
      • Society is naturally hierarchial/unequal but it is just
    • Class/leadership
      • Conservatism is elitist
      • The natural function of govt is to rule society
      • The govt is responsible for and has built up knowledge to act in best national interest
    • View of human nature
      • We are psychologically imperfect, preferring continuity, not change
      • Humans are morally imperfect as we have original sin and are self interested
      • We are intellectually imperfect-we cannot make rational decisions, better to rely upon existing order
    • Private property


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