CONFLICT: Overview

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What are the causes of conflict? (RECITI)
Resources, Ethnicity, Culture, Identity, Territory, Ideology
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State the initials again
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What are the 4 scales of conflict?
Local, Regional, National, International
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What are the expressions of conflict? (TWIND)
Terrorism, War, Insurrection, Non-violent, Debate (political activity)
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Out of TWIND, which are peaceful and non-peaceful?
Peaceful:ND Non-Peaceful:TWI
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Give an example of non-violent conflict
Facebook protest (use of social media)
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What case study used for international conflict?
Darfur, South Sudan
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3 ways of resolving conflict (NDM)
Negotiation, Diplomacy, Mediation
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Negotiation is the discussing of issues with the aim of
producing an agreement
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Diplomacy is .... between countries
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Mediation involves groups at conflict using a...
mediator (usually 3rd party) to discuss and listen to views
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3 types of conflict resolution outcomes
Win-Win, Win-Lose, Lose-Lose
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What case study for Local Resource conflict?
South Devon Bypass
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Separatism involves the separation of a..
smaller group of people from a larger group
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What are some of the reasons for separatism?
Historical allegiances, Centralised Government, Religious Differences, Language Differences
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Example of Historical Allegiances
Quebec, Canada and France
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Example of Centralised Government
Wales and Scotland, far away from London
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Example of Religious Differences
India (Hindu) Pakistan (Islam)
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Example of Language Differences
Catalonia in Spain, speak a different language
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Consequences of separatism can be?
Peaceful or Non-Peaceful
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Language Preservation seen in Wales is a form of what?
Peaceful separatism
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Greater political independence is a form of what, and where was this seen in 1998?
Peaceful, in the UK, greater parliamentary powers given to Scotland, Wales and Ireland
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Terrorism is a form of what?
Non-Peaceful separatism
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Civil War is a form of what, seen when?
Non-Peaceful, Tamil Tigers (Sri Lanka)
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Genocide is a form of what, seen when?
Non-Peaceful, Russia committing genocide on the people of Chechen
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What separatism case study to use?
Tamil Tigers, Sri Lanka
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What is a Multicultural Society?
a society that contains ethnic groups with a variety of backgrounds of shared ancestry
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What can they cause, forming in inner cities?
Ethnic segregation
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Since 2001, whats the % decrease of White British in the UK?
5% decrease
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From 1940s to 1960s, who came to work in the UK?
Caribbeans, Indians, Pakistanis, Asian and East African
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Example: How many Caribbeans settled in the UK?
Around 500,000 (1940-78)
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What happened in Uganda in 1972?
The Dictator expelled 80,000 African Asians
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How many came to the UK?
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Whats happened since 2004?
Influx of Eastern Europeans due to the new EU laws
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Where are the majority of Immigrants situated?
In and around major cities
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Give reasons for this
More job opportunities, cheaper housing, same ethnic group living there etc
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What are the 6 issues related to multicultural societies?(HEHLER)
Housing, Education, Healthcare, Language, Economic, Religion
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Immigrants usually have low paid jobs resulting in low...
cost housing - lower quality
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Housing is usually segregated according to ethnicity, this causes what?
Ethnic tension
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Schools that are dominated with 1 Ethnic group
affect educational requirements
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Some children in inner city schools do not, and so?
speak English, and so need extra help
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What do faith schools create?
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What is there a lack of in newly arrived immigrants?
Resistance to childhood diseases
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People fear a return of what due to immigration?
TB (Tuberculosis)
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If people cannot speak the language of the home country, what will they find hard getting?
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What will they not be able to do locally?
Interact with the local community, further separating them
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If migrants have different religions, what can cause tension between employers etc?
Adhering to their religious calender
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What are the two types of poverty?
Absolute and Relative
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Absolute is defined as
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Relative poverty is if you earn..
Half the mean income of the country
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What two ways can poverty can measured?
Economic indicators and Indexes
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Example of an economic indicator?
Comparing the GDP per capita
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Example of an index?
Human Poverty Index - several measures including life expectancy, adult literacy rates and access to safe drinking water
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What is the distribution of poverty in the World?
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Which part of the world has the highest %, with what %?
Sub-Saharan Africa with 41.1%
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Next highest?
South Asia with 29.5%
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Which parts of the world have the lowest?
North America, Australia, Western Europe
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5 causes of poverty?
Bad Growing Conditions, Subsistence Farming, Overpopulation, War, Natural Hazards
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WHat do poor countries often have regarding soil and farming?
Low quality soil (less fertile) and bad farming techniques (e.g. overgrazing)
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What do the crops rely heavily on, which often doesnt happen?
Having enough rain (e.g. Sub Saharan Africa have droughts)
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Subsistence farming is what?
Farming that only produces enough food for them and their families
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Why can't they escape poverty?
No income to provide healthcare or to buy better technology for more food production
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Overpopulation can result from a combination of?
Population increase and reduction of resources
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What does overpopulation put a strain on?
Resources such as food, water and space
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War can damage what?
Property, infrastructure and crops
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In refugee camps there is a shortage of?
Resources (food and water)
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Natural Hazards can cause poverty how?
Can destroy property, infrastructure and crops
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Give an example of a natural hazard, and where it is usually found
Droughts - often occur in Sub Saharan Africa
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Poverty is usually combination of causes, often linked together, this can create?
Cycle of Poverty
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Drought - Famine - Reduction of resources - War - Refugees - Overpopuation
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Example of an international agency tackling poverty
The UN (United Nations)
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What did they create in 2000?
The Millennium Development Goals
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Completed when?
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State three out of the 8 goals set out
Eradicate extreme hunger and poverty, Combat HIV/AIDS and other diseases, Achieve universal primary education
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Evidence of success (primary schools)
1999-2009: 18% increase in primary school enrolment in Sub Saharan Africa
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Evidence of failure (malnutrition)
1990-2010: number of children with stunted growth due to malnutrition in Africa increased
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Name another international agency fighting poverty
The World Bank
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Name the 5 causes of poverty (refresher)
Bad growing conditions, Subsistence farming, overpopulation, war , natural hazards
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Drought tolerant types of maize are being created by who, for where , and how much?
WEMA, Sub Saharan Africa, $39 million
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What are being given to over 100,000 farmers in order to increase productivity by buying new equipment etc?
Loans - occurring in Kenya by Kenyan Bussinesses
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Overpopulation can be caused by a high..
Birth Rate
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How is this tackled in Ethiopia?
Doubled use of contraception from 2005-2010
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What can resolve war? (one of the resolutions of conflict) and give example
Diplomacy - South American Nations set up in 2008
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UN Led programme installing water storage occurs where and why?
In the Pacific Islands of Naura, to minimise impact of drought
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Poverty is closely lined to .... of a country
Level of Development
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A country needs to develop to reduce..
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In order to develop a country needs?
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Name the 4 types of security
Economic, Food, Health, Personal
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Economic security refers to the economy being..
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Food security refers to there being..
enough food from a reliable source
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Health security is having protection from..., and access to...
Disease, Healthcare
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Personal security refers to the protection from..
violence etc.
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Name the country that is an example of Poverty, Security and Development
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Afghanistan is economically poor, with a GDP of...
$1000 per capita (2011)
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Afghanistan has a birth rate of...
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Gender inequality of literacy rates between male and female is
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This means that Afghanistan has very little..
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Economic Security: unemployment at..
35% in 2008
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Food Security: % of population with not enough calories
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Health Security: 1 doctor per..
every 5000 people
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Personal security: how many civilian deaths?
2118 caused by war
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Afghanistan needs to invest in projects like
Building roads, schools and hospitals
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Why cant it do this?
Money cant be invested when security is so low
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What does Afghanistan need?
Help from other countries i.e. money or military assistance
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