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The Millennium Development Goals Report


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This report is based on a master set of data that has been compiled by an Inter-Agency and Expert Group on
MDG Indicators led by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat, in
response to the wishes of the General Assembly for periodic assessment of…

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The Millennium Development Goals
Report 2011

United Nations
New York, 2011

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Foreword |3

Since they were first adopted, the Millennium Disparities between urban and rural areas are also
Development Goals (MDGs) have raised awareness and pronounced and daunting. Achieving the goals will
shaped a broad vision that remains the overarching require equitable and inclusive economic growth--
framework for the development…

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4 | The Millennium Development Goals Report 2011

Lives have been saved or changed worldwide--from nearly 985,000 in 2000 to 781,000 in
for the better 2009. This was accomplished through critical interventions,
including the distribution of insecticide-treated mosquito
nets, which, in sub-Saharan Africa alone, are sufficient
More than 10…

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Overview |5

affected. In Southern Asia, a shortage of quality food and is 1.8 times more likely to use an improved drinking water
poor feeding practices, combined with inadequate sanitation, source than a person living in a rural area.
has contributed to making underweight prevalence among
children the highest in…

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6 | The Millennium Development Goals Report 2011

Goal 1 Halve, between 1990 and 2015, the proportion of people
whose income is less than $1 a day

Eradicate extreme Sustained growth in developing countries,
poverty and particularly in Asia, is keeping the world on
hunger track to meet the…

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Goal 1: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger |7

Despite these declines, current trends suggest that the
momentum of growth in the developing world remains
strong enough to sustain the progress needed to reach
the global poverty-reduction target. Based on recently
updated projections from the World Bank, the overall
poverty rate…

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8 | The Millennium Development Goals Report 2011

More than three years have passed since the onset
of the fastest and deepest drop in global economic
Achieve full and productive employment and activity since the Great Depression. While global
decent work for all, including women and young economic growth…


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