Political causes of variations in food suply

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Political causes of varriations in food suply in Afghanistan:

  • Conflict and migration and death.
  • Regimes- praticularly effecting women.
  • corruption between rich population and the rural-poorer areas.
  • reasons for food security- food production or food harvest.
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The suitation

1.5 billion are considered to be food insecure and alredy WEP (World Food Project) distrubutes food to 7.3 million people yearly in praticularly rural remote areas.

With the people who are most at risk are: women, migrants, populations of Afghanistan, girls and the poor.

1. Conflict.

  • Three decades of war and civil war has caused large disruptions to food security for the local populaitons. In praticuarly affecting the most vulnerable members of soceity. (see above.)

Conflict has caused disruption to harvest and stock numbers due to bombing and snippering of bombs between resistance groups. Which has caused civilisation fatalities and is irrespectible of local homes and livestock. Therefore the bombs, when dropped, cause livestock to loose their lives and cause farmers to loose their stocks which they rely off for food security. This effects their abillity to provide food for their family and for security in the winter or off harvest months. Therefore causing a production and abillity to produce food induced food scarity and be at risk of food security.

  • of local farmers causing the amount of food harvested to decline r
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Girls education

Formal education has been severly effected by the conflict, as qualifed teachers has been killed or migrated away from the dangerous livving standards in Afghanistan. This effects the quality of a students education as they are taught by semi-literate or lowly qualified teachers therefore causing a lower standard education.Therefore they are unable to improve their work opportunties or amount of income, leaving them to have insecure and low paid work.  Which means their postion in society is not improved as they don't have the qualifications or education that enables them to imporve their postion to middle class. This means they are unable to escape the poverty cycle and is caught in the same postion in society.

Girls are similarly unable to attend school under Taliban regime. This means women occupation is to either stay at home and be a child bearer or have low paid- insecure work.Similarly, iin the islami culture, women are often forced to eat last and the least and give the majoirty of the protein, vegetables and carbohydrates foods to the husbands- causign them to have a very basic diet which doesn't provide nutrients needed.

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Political issues in Mynamar

In May 2008, Cyclone Nargis devasted much of the southern parts of Mynmar causin 400,000 deaths and disrupting food suplies so badly it made them vulnerable to famine. The cyclone greatly affected the Irrrawaya region, where most of the food is produced for the nation. Therefore causing nation wide for insecurity and food shortages.

The suitation was not helped by the apparent inability of the military goverment to provide the apparent emergency aid or to accept help from other coutries. Since the military power that has taken power since 1962, the Chin people have suffered violent oppreseion at the hands of the army. Despire appeals, little or no food was sent to the area, creating a sene of ethnic clensing. In desperation, many people migrated to nearby India for more stability and help.

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