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1. Overview of the geography of water
= a basic need, but it is not evenly distributed
Factors influencing geography of supply:
o Physical - surface, groundwater
See page 1 (Physical Factors- Hydrological diagram)
o Human - demand, management (storage, diversion, desalinisation), mismanagement
Increasing demand not matched by…

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Global access to an `improved water source'

1) No surprise developed countries (Australia, Japan, N.America and Western Europe) very high access to clean
water in fact 100%.In addition Argentina, Malaysia, Botswana, Egypt and Chile also do.
2) 83 to 95% are places like Iran, S.America, India, and Bangladesh are getting…

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The other aspect of the water crisis is effective sanitation. There is some connection with the correlation of
GDP (positive correlation).
India (28%) and China (38%) are doing far worse on this.
Developed countries 99% population with sanitation and clean drinking water
Developing countries 50% population with sanitation and 80%…

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