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2. What is a dysfunctional belief?

  • Rational thoughts stemmed from evidence
  • Irrational thoughts stemmed from imagination
  • Irrational thoughts stemmed from evidence
  • Rational thoughts stemmed from imagination

3. Which one of these is a principle of the cognitive approach?

  • how we behave is determined by our thoughts
  • behaviour rewarded will be repeated
  • everyone is unique no expert can diagnose what's wrong with us
  • our behaviour is determined by our unconscious thoughts

4. Which one of these statements is a weakness of cognitive therapy?

  • some techniques are upsetting for a child
  • Time consuming
  • people have to explore thoughts and not everyone can do so
  • risks clients not complying and being stubborn

5. What therapy is associated with the cognitive approach?

  • Free Association Therapy
  • Cognitive Assimulation Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Systematic Desensitisation Therapy


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