Cognitive approach


Explain what the cognitive approach is

The cognitive approach believes that every child is naturally motivated and curious which means and that they like to master changes which will helps for when they get older.

Assess the cognitive approach using Vygotsky

The cognitive approach believes that al children are naturally curious and motivate which leads them to try and master new challenges. This helps them to understand the world that is around them as they grow older.

Vygtosky claims that infants are born with elementary mental functions these are attention whic is where you focus on something, sensation which is your senses such as taste, hear etc, perception is how you feel and memory which is the ability to remeber certain things. As the child ages this changes into socio-cultural environment is developed more thriough the mental processes and this refered a higher mental functions.

Vygotsky believes that children learn from a more knowledgeable other which is someone that has a better understanding or has a higher abilitiy of…


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