Behavioral Approach Overview

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  • Behavioral Approach
    • Reinforcement
      • POSITIVE - reinforcement by something pleasant happening so that the behavior will be repeated again.
      • NEGATIVE - reinforcement by something negative happening. Something unpleasant stops happening
    • INITIAL ASSESSMENT - The importance of the idea that changes cannot be known unless there is a Baseline against which it can be measured.
      • Identify the specific behavior in the case study >Observe what is actually happening
      • Focuses on observable behavior
      • Behavior is learned
      • Behavior can be rewarded/reinforced leading to being repeated
      • Highly Focused Approach
      • Quick and can be used with most problems
      • Can be combined with Cognitive Techniques
      • Negative focus - it is argued that it is a waste of time
      • Just learning new techniques - not solving the problem
      • Time consuming and expensive
  • PAVLOV - Classical Conditioning
    • Learning through association
  • SKINNER - Operant Conditioning
    • Learning through positive and negative reinforcement


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