child develpment

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Name the types of family
nuclear - single parent - extended - step - shared care - adoptive - foster
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what should couples consider when wanting to have a child?
financial implications - there reletionship togther - jobs - social life - age
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what is congenital?
A disability present at birth
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what dose the word disability mean?
A problem that can be physical, lerning, emotinal or behavioural
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what is down syndrome?
A genetic condition where there are 47 chromosomes instead of 4
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what should a couple do when wanting to conceive?
stop smoking - dont drink - dont do drugs - check for STIs - eat healthly - exercise
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name all contraception methods?
male condom - femidom - diaphragm - IUD - IUS - comdinedpill/mini pill - implant - injection
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name the female reproductive system?
Ovarys - fallopian tubes - uterus - cervix - vagina
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how are identical babys made?
when a fertilised egg completely splits in half
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name the male reproductive system?
testes - sperm duct - penis
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how are non-identicle twins made?
when two eggs are relised at once and fertilised by two separate sperm
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what are the signs of pregnancy?
sickness - cravings - heartburn - posture - rest - waight gain
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What are the differant health professionals supporting the pregnant mother?
Midwife - paediatrition - obstetrician - GP - gynacologist
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Name differant pain relief?
Epidural - pethidine - entonox/gas and air - tens - water birth
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What can the farther do during the pregnacy?
build things for the child - buy things for the mother - go to antinatal classes together
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what can the farther do durnung birth?
suport the mother - talk to the midfwife about the birthing plan
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What dose APGAR stand for?
A-activity P-pulse G-grimace A-appearance R-respiration
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when is the APGAR test done?
they are done 1 and 5 minutes after birth
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name the reflexes?
sucking - rooting - grasp - standing - startle
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what dose it mean when a baby is born prematurley or pre-term
When a baby is born before 37 weeks
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what is an incubator?
an enclosed controlled cabinet that filters and cleans the air in there and controlles heat
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What other things get tested after birth?
waight - length - head circomference - eyes - mouth - feet - fingers - hips
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What dose immunisation mean?
To protect a child against a disease by putting a vaccine into the childs body
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what dose vaccine mean?
vaccines work by makingus produse antibodies to fight disease without actually infecting us with the disease
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what are measles?
they are caused by a virus, rare in this country since intrduction of the MMR vaccine
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what are mumps?
they are caused by a virus
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What is whooping cough?
its coughging fits accompanied by a loud whooping sound as the child inhales
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what is tetanus?
its transmitted when etani bacillus enters open wounds
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what is scarlet fever?
its most common between the ages 4 and 8
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what is meningitis?
its an inflammation of the brain membranes
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what is the BSI safety mark ?
it ifentifies products where saftey is vital (car seat, bike helmet)
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what dose the lion mark mean?
its identifies toys that have been made by the british toy assosiaton
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what dose the EU symbol mean?
found on toy made in the EU
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What dose the childrens nightwear labelling mean?
night wear burns easily and this shows that the clothing has met the standerds
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What are the most common childhood accidents?
chocking/suffocation - burns - falls - electric shock - drowning - poisoning
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Name the types of family


nuclear - single parent - extended - step - shared care - adoptive - foster

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what should couples consider when wanting to have a child?


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what is congenital?


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what dose the word disability mean?


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