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2. What is used to detect halide ions

  • Sodium Carbonate
  • Gold Nitrate Solution
  • Silver Nitrate Solution
  • Nitrogen

3. What does the chemical industry use water for?

  • Cooling, A solvent and cheap raw materials
  • Heat, and raw materials
  • Drinking and washing machinery

4. What is thermal decomposition?

  • Breaking down a complex substance into a simple substance by heating
  • Heating something until it decays
  • Making something out of heat

5. What is Ionic Boding?

  • When metals bond by transferring electrons
  • When a metal and non-metal bond by sharing electrons
  • When a metal and a non-metal bond by transferring electrons
  • When metals bond by sharing electrons


lisa linsdell


Multi-choice questions for OCR unit 4 chemistry. Foundation level questions. Really worth using the other test yourself tools as well.

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