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a chemical polar ?
When bonding of electrons in the molecule are pulled towards more electronegative atoms creating a dipole dipole attraction.
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what are photochemical reactions
Started by UV light, where a hydrogen atom is replaced with either chlorine or bromine.
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What is free readical substitution
Particles with unpaired electrons. You get them when bonds split equally and they're highly reactive.
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synthesing chloromethane
Chlrine and methane will not react together on its onebut whenexposed to UV light it reacts to form chloromethane. There are 4steps to this process
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Describe the first step
Initiation - free radicals are proeduced. UV ightproves enough energy to break CL----CL bonds(photodissociation) The bondssplit equally and each atom gets a free electron. And becomes highy attractive due its unpaired electron,
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Describe the second stage
PRopogation - First one of the chlorine free radicals reacts witht the CH4 molecule and having HCL has the by prodcut ( CL + Ch4 ==> Ch3 (free radical) + HCL. Then CH3(freeradical attacks anothr Cl2 molecule. CH3 ( rad)+ Cl2 ==> Ch3Cl + Cl(free rad)
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Describe the the third state
Substitutions - if chlorine is in excess, the hydrogen atoms on methane will eventualy be replace with hydrogen atomsl
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When two free radicals join together they make a stable molecule. This terminates the chain reaction
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What are chlorofluorocarbons ( CFC)
are halolakane molecules, where the hydrogen atoms havebeen replaced by chlorine and fluorine atoms.
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dry cleaning and decreasing
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How is the ozone layer crated
Absorbs alot of UV radiation. O2 molecule gets broken down to two oxygen free radicals . Then one of the free reacts with an 02 molecule hence creatingO3
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what are photochemical reactions


Started by UV light, where a hydrogen atom is replaced with either chlorine or bromine.

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What is free readical substitution


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synthesing chloromethane


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Describe the first step


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