Changing life for the German People, 1933-1939

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What were the main 7 things Hitler did to deal with Germany's economic problem?
1. Creation of the National Labour Service (RAD) 2. Public Works Programme 3. Control of the economy 4. Invisible unemployment 5. Control of the workforce 6. Rewarding the workforce (DAF)
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What year was it made compulsory to serve the RAD?
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What is the RAD?
National Labour Service Corps - compulsory labour work for men aged 18-25
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How many km of autobahns was built as part of the public works schemes?
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How many men were in the army in 1933 and 1939?
1933: 100,000 1939:1,400,000
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How much marks was spent in rearmament in 1933 and in 1939?
1933: 3.5 billion marks 1939: 26 billion marks
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Who was Economic Minister in 1936?
Herman Goering
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How did the Nazi's control the economy?
1. Deficit spending 2. Mefo bills 3. Four-Year Plan - speed up rearmament 4. Autarky
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What was the unemployment figure in 1939?
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Why were german unemployment figures unreliable?
Jews or women were dismissed from their jobs and were not counted in the figures. Opponents of the Nazi regime were held in Concentration Camps
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What did Hitler replace trade unions and when?
May 1933 - German Labour Front (DAF)
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What to organisations did Hitler set up to reward loyal workers?
1.Strength Through Joy - KdF 2. The Beauty of Work 3. 1938 - Volkswagen Scheme
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What were the Nazi attitudes towards women?
Traditional. Introduced policies which reversed their gains during the 1920s.
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What were the Nazi policies aimed at Women?
1. 3K's 2. Law for Encouragement of Marriage (1933) 3. Lebensborn programme (1936)
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What was the law for Encouragement of Marriage?
1933- Provided laws for couples to marry. For each child they bared they would be able to keep 1/4 of the the loan. Women with large families were awarded the The motherhood cross medal
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What was the Lebensborn programme?
1936 - Boost the aryan population. Unmarried Aryan women were encouraged to 'denote a baby to the Führer' by becoming pregnant by 'racially pure' ** men/
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What did Teachers have to be part of and what did they have to do to fulfill their jobis?
Nazi Teachers' league. They had to swear an oath of loyalty to Hitler. promote Nazi idea within their lessons.
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What percentage of the curriculum was dedicated to PE?
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What was the Hitler Youth Law in 1936?
Made it difficult to avoid joining. blocking the promotion of parents who refused to allow their children from joining.
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What was the Second Hitler Youth Law in 1939?
Membership was made compulsory.
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How many members were there in the Hitler youth in 1939?
7 million
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Who was the leader of the Hitler Youth?
Baldur von Schirach
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What were the 3 main Hitler youth groups for boys?
1. Pimpfen (6-10) 2. Jungvolk (10-14) 3. Hitler Jugend (14-18)
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What were the 2 main Hitler youth Groups for girls?
1. Jungmädel (10-14) 2. Bund Deutsche Mädchen (14-18)
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What were the 3 main organs for ensuring conformity within Germany?
1. The ** 2. The Gestapo 3. Concentration Camps
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Who led the ** and what were their duties?
1934 - 1. Heinrich Himmler 2. Removal of all opposition to the Nazis within Germany
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Who led the Gestapo and what were their duties?
1933 1. Reinhard Heydrich 2. Arrest and imprison suspected 'enemies of state' without trial.
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By 1939, how many people were arrested for political crimes?
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Where and when was the first CC open?
April 1933 - Dachau outside Munich
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What organisation did Judges and lawyers have to be part of?
National Socialist League for the maintenance of Law
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When was the German Lawyers Front established and what did they have to do?
October 1933. 10,000 members had to swear an oath of loyalty to the Führer
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What was the purpose of the People's Court?
To persecute enemies of state
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What was the central government?
Germany came to be governed by 'the will of the Führer' and Hitler made all key decisions.
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What happened to the regional governments?
1. Hitler closed down all the state parliaments. 2. Divided into regions (gau) and led by Reich Governors.
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Describe Rallies set up the Nazi's
Mass rally of over 100,000 people. held in September outside Nuremberg to showcase the Nazi Regime. 3. floodlights, music flags 4. hitler made a speech.
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What was set up on March 1934?
The Ministry for Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda by Dr Josef Goebbels.
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Ho many writers were banned?
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What aspects of Media did the Nazi's control?
1. Cinema 2. Newspapers 3. Rallies 4. Radios 5/ Posters 6. Books 7 the arts
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What did Hitler do the rebuild the master race?
Selective breeding, Made the mentally ill, physically disables, homosexuals, black and gypsies sterilised. Jews were persecucted
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IN september 1935, what law affected the Jews and how?
The Nuremberg Laws: the Reich Law took away citizenship away from Jews. 2. The law for the protection of German Blood made it illegal for Jews to marry or have **** withAryans
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What event took place on 9-10th November 1938?
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Why did Kristallnacht happen?
A Nazi official was murdered by a Polish Jew in Paris.
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What were the figures following the destruction of Kristallnacht?
1. 7500 Jewish shops were destroyed 2. 4000 synagogues were burnt down 3. 100 Jews were killed 4. 30,000 jews were arrested
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How much money did Jewish have to pay as compensation to the damaged caused by Kristallnacht?
1 billion marks
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Why did Christians favour nazism?
They saw it as protect against the atheism of Communism and as a upholder of traditional family values and morals.
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What did Hitler sign on July 1933 and what did it meann?
A concordat with the Pope which stated that Catholics were able to worship freely as long as the Pope kept Church out of politics.
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How many priests were sent to Dachau?
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Who set up the Confessional Church and when?
Pastor Matin Niemöller. April 1934
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What did Hitler create in response to the Protestant church structure and when?
1933 - National Reich Church
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Who were affected by the Nazi rule?
1. Unemployed 2. Women 3. Children 4. Jews 5. Catholics and Protestants
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