Unit 2 Germany 1918-1939 Chronological Timeline


Key Topic 1: The Weimar Republic 1918-1933

  • 9th November 1918-Kaiser abdicates
  • 11th November 1918-Armistice signed
  • 6th January 1919-Spartacist uprising
  • 15th January 1919-Spartacist uprising fails
  • 28th June 1919-Treaty of Versailles signed
  • August 1919-Weimar Constitution completed
  • 1920-Kapp Putsch
  • 1923-French invasion of the Ruhr
  • September 1923-Stresemann appointed Chancellor
  • November1923-Rentenmark replaces mark
  • 1924-Reichsbank set up
  • April 1924-Dawes Plan
  • May 1925-Hindenburg becomes Chancellor
  • October 1925-Locarno Pact
  • September 1926-Germany joins League of Nations
  • 1926-Stresemann wins Nobel Peace Prize
  • August 1928-Germany signs Kellogg-Briand pact
  • August 1929-Young Plan
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Key Topic 2: Hitler and the growth of the Nazi Par

  • 9th January 1919-German Workers’ Party (DAP) founded
  • February 1920-25-Point Programme revealed
  • 7th August 1920-German Workers Party (DAP) becomes National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP)
  • Mid-1921-Hitler becomes NSDAP Führer
  • 1921-Sturmabteilung (Storm Troopers) (SA) created
  • 8th November 1923-Munich Putsch
  • 1924-1924 election-32 seats won
  • 1925-NSDAP ban lifted
  • 27th February 1925-NSDAP re-launched
  • 1925-Schutzstaffel (Protection Squad) (**) created
  • May 1928-1928 elections-12  seats won
  • 1928-Nazi land-confiscation policy changes
  • October 1929-Wall Street Crash
  • September 1930-1930 elections-107 seats won
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Key Topic 3: The Nazi Dictatorship 1933-1939

  • 27th February 1933-Reichstag fire
  • 5th March 1933-1933 elections
  • March 1933-The Enabling Act
  • May 1933-Trade Unions banned
  • July 1933-Decree banning all political parties but NSDAP
  • July 1933-Concordat with Pope Pius IX
  • September 1933-Ludwig Müller made Reich Bishop
  • 1933-Gestapo set up by Hermann Goering
  • 1933-First concentration camp set up in Dachau
  • January 1934-18 Lӓnder parliaments abolished
  • 30th June 1934-Night of the Long Knives
  • 1st July 1934-Rӧhm shot in Stadelheim Gaol
  • 2nd August 1934-Hindenburg dies-Hitler becomes Führer
  • 1936-1936 Berlin Olympics
  • 1937-Enabling Act renewed
  • 1937-Mit Brennender Sorge issued
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Key Topic 4: Nazi Domestic Policies

  • April 1933-Nazi boycotts of Jewish businesses
  • May 1933-Jews banned from government jobs
  • September 1933-Jews banned from inheriting land
  • 1933-Law for Encouragement of Marriage introduced
  • 1933-National Labour Service (RAD) set up
  • 1933-Law passed-doctors can force people to be sterilised
  • 1933+-Gypsies being arrested and sent to concentration camps
  • May 1935-Jews banned from the army
  • June 1935-Jews banned from restaurants
  • 15th September 1935-Nuremberg Laws passed
  • 1935-Lebensborn programme set up
  • 1935-RAD 6 month service made compulsory
  • 1935-Laws against homosexuality strengthened
  • 1936-Secret ‘Four Year Plan’ memo issued
  • March 1938-Jews have to register all possessions
  • July 1938-Jews have to carry identity cards
  • July 1938-Jewish doctors, dentists and lawyers are forbidden to work for white Aryan Germans
  • 7th November 1938-Ernst von Rath killed in the German Parisian Embassy
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Key Topic 2 (Continued)

  • March 1932-PRESIDENTIAL elections-11 million votes
  • April 1932-PRESIDENTIAL elections-13 million votes
  • April 1932-Chancellor Bruning’s decree to ban SA and **
  • May 1932-Von Papen becomes Chancellor
  • May 1932-Right-wing coalition including NSDAP formed
  • July 1932-1932 elections-230 seats won
  • July 1932-Hitler demands Von Papen to be sacked-refused
  • November 1932-New 1932 elections-196 seats won
  • November 1932-Von Papen resigns
  • 2nd December 1932-Von Schleicher becomes Chancellor
  • 30th January 1933-Hitler becomes Chancellor
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Key Topic 1 (Continued)

  • 3rd October 1929-Stresemann dies
  • October 1929-Wall Street Crash
  • 1932-Chancellor Bruning resigns
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Key Topic 4 (Continued)

  • 9th and 10th November 1938-Kristallnacht
  • April 1939-Orders for all Jews to be evicted from their homes
  • April 1939-Orders to collect all Gypsies in ghettos to be deported
  • 1939-Secret official policy to kill disabled children
  • 1st September 1939-WORLD WAR II BEGINS 
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