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Number of Unemployed 1933: 6 million THE NAZI'S FOUND JOBS FOR 99% OF THE
Number of Unemployed 1939: 100,00 UNEMPLOYED
RAD (Reich Labour Service) ­ put young men *18-25 on to public work schemes such as tree
planting, road laying etc. Compulsory for all young men for 6 months.
DAF(German Labour Front) ­ kept strict control over all workers, they couldn't strike, kept
wages low, prevented moving jobs and abolished max hours. Nazis also kept control over all
trade unions.
Rearmament- Hitler's aim was to build up the armed forces after the treaty of Versailles
reduced it. All 18-25 year olds had to do at least 2 years MEN ONLY . Reduced unemployment
by over a million.
Job Creation ­ road building, planting forests, houses and schools all built by hand so more
people were employed. 1933 law that gave money to build houses and schools.
`Strength Through Joy" (KdF) ­ its aim was to encourage workers to work harder without a
pay rise. They gave out cinema tickets, sports events and holidays with the promise of VW
Secret Unemployed ­ women and Jews all lost there jobs, weren't counted as unemployed,
there jobs given to young men.…read more

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Ideal German Women
Plaited hair
Hardworking in home
Strong and healthy
Respect for husbands
No make up
· Women were just there to produce children for the army
· Birth control and sterilisation to create racially pure Aryan children
· Loans for newly married couple ­ the more children you have the less you pay back
· Medals for having 5+ children
· Non pure children killed
· Forced to reproduce with SS Aryan soldiers…read more

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Nazi School Changes
· Rewrote textbooks with Nazi idea HITLER YOUTH
· Courses in `Racial Hygiene' Every child had to join the Hitler Youth, there
· Jewish teachers sacked were 4 different sections they could join
· Young German Folk (10-14) : 2.1 MILLION
· Young Girls (10-14): 1.7 MILLION
New Subjects · Hitler Youth (14-18): 1.5 MILLION
· German history · League of German Girls (14-18): 1.1 MILLION
· German politics
The boys undertook; fitness, military training,
· Racial Hygiene
shooting, map reading etc. They were also taught
· PE ­ improve fitness the importance of Aryan Race, obedience,
discipline and endurance
Parents could be fined or even imprisoned if their
child did not attend one of Hitler's youth groups.
It was made compulsory in 1939.…read more

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Why did they need control?
· No opposition to Hitler
· So Nazis would be obeyed
· Gestapo ­ Nazi secret police who would arrest anyone who criticized
Nazis, Hitler or Jews
· Orpo ­ Normal police to arrest anyone who breaks the law, but often
ignored crime against Jews etc. as it was often committed by Nazis
· Block Leaders ­ 400, 000 Nazis one on every street that spied and
reported back to the police about those around them
· Raised fear with silent unexpected arrests during the night/early
morning .…read more

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Leader: Heinrich Himmler
Formed: 1925
Uniform: All black, badge was
"Deaths Head"
Role: Create master race + Hitler's
personal bodyguards
Members: 52 000
Recruits: racially pure, German
Aryans…read more

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absolutely amazing source of revision you have outdone yourself emily barnfield you got me an A STAR IN ME GSCES


absolutely amazing source of revision you have outdone yourself emily barnfield you got me an A STAR IN ME GSCES




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Thanks so much! This is brilliant!

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