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2. Meichenbaum's Stress Inoculation Training (SIT) does NOT include which phase?

  • The skills acquisition phase
  • The correction phase
  • The conceptualism phase
  • The application phase

3. Meichenbaum's SIT believes that we cannot change causes of stress so we should...?

  • Start a hobby to distract you from stress
  • Avoid stressors at all costs
  • Change the way in which we deal with stress
  • Move away and start a fresh life with no stressors

4. The skills acquisition phase is when

  • newly learned coping skills are practised in new situations
  • positive thinking and relaxtion skills are learnt as coping mechanisms
  • potentional threats/stressors are turned into problems to be solved

5. The cognitive approach believes that behaviour is caused by

  • how a person thinks in a situation
  • copying other behaviour we have seen
  • biological factors


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