Cardiff Splott, Ely and Lisvane.

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Where is Livane?
North of Cardiff
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Where is Splott?
South East Cardiff.
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Where is Ely?
South West Cardiff.
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What is Lisvane like?
Big houses, spacious, luxurious, green spaces.
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What is Splott like?
close built houses, less green spaces, back to back housing, scruffy.
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What is Ely like?
nice but scruffy, spacious, some green areas.
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What is the mean income of these towns?
Lisvane - £52,696. Ely - £19,377.90. Splott - £21,735.75.
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Environmental rank (in wales)
LIsvane - 2. Ely - 10. Splott - 6.
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Which place has the highest % of adults no tin employment?
Splott ( 9.1%)
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Which place has the highest % of people without qualifications?
Ely ( 43.3%)
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Which place has the lowest % of people in bad health ?
Lisvane (2.6%)
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what did suburbanisation result in?
Lisvane as wealthier people moved out of the city centre to get a better life.
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What did slum clearance and deindustrialisation result in?
Ely and Splott. Areas of poverty.
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Where is Splott?


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Where is Ely?


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What is Lisvane like?


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