Changing Urban Environments

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Urbanisation- a process where an increase proportion of the population lives in towns and cities.

Rural-urban migration- a process where people move from the countyside.

How does land use vary in an urban area?

  • CBD- the main shopping and service area in a city.
  • Inner City- the area around the CBD.
  • Suburbs- the area on the edge of the city.
  • Example, Sheffield

Brownfield sites- land that has been built on before and is reused.

Greenfield sites- land that has not been built on before.

Urban Development Corporations- set up in the 90s using public funding to improve inner areas of a city, partly attracting private investment. Example London Docklands :

  • Used to be a port
  • £2billion was spent to improve the area.
  • 144km of new road
  • the construction of the Dockland Light Railway
  • New undeground station
  • 25,000 houses built
  • 11 new primary schools, 2 secondary schools
  • 85,000 jobs
  • Improving the environment

City Challenge

Local authorities…


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