Coastal Landforms by Deposition

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  • Coastal Landforms caused by Deposition
    • Beaches
      • found on coasts between highest point on land the sea gets to, to the lowest point on land
      • Formed by constructive waves depositing sand and shingle
      • Sand beaches are flat and wide, back wash moves sand back down the beach creating a long and gentle slope
      • Shingle Beaches are steep and narrow, backwash can't move shingle back down the beach creating a steep slope
    • Spits and Bars
      • Spits form at sharp bends in the coast line
        • Longshore Drift transports material past the bend and deposits it in the sea
          • Strong winds and waves can curve the end of the spit
            • Lots of material is deposited behind the spit in the sheltered area - plants can grow and over time the area becomes a salt marsh or a mud flat
      • Bars are formed when two headlands join together
        • The bar cuts off the bay between the two headlands and forms a lagoon


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