Caesar's First Invasion to Britain- Events

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55 BC
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Caesar first sent...?
Volusenus (military officer) to find out about Britain- he failed.
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Secondly, sent...?
Commius of Gaulish Atrebates as an envoy.
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Troops Caesar took...?
VII and X Legions in 80 transports; cavalry in 18 transports (from a different port).
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Tried to land at...?
Dover- but Britons were on cliff-tops. Sailed further along.
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Roman ships were...?
Too big- troops had to disembark in deep water. Britons had advantage at this point with javelins and chariots.
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Caesar ran...?
The warships aground- drove off Britons with slingshots and artillery.
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The standard bearer of...?
The X legion leaped into the water- inspiring others.
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The Romans won...?
That battle, established camp.
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Britons sent...?
Envoys- promised hostages.
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The Roman cavalry...?
Was turned back by stormy weather.
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The ships already landed...?
Were wrecked by the tides.
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Romans are therefore...?
Stranded with not enough food.
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Britons turned...?
Against the Romans again- and attacked one of the legions. Caesar came to the rescue.
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The Romans were confused by...?
The Chariot warfare of the British, so they retreated to camp while the Britons gathered a larger force.
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Commius produced...?
30 cavalrymen miraculously- this equalised the field.
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Outside the camp...?
The Romans defeated the Britons in battle.
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Caesar demanded...?
Twice the previous amount of hostages- though only 2 tribes sent any.
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He returned...?
To Gaul, the Morini were rebelling.
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Senate declared...?
20 days of Thanksgiving (very reliable).
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Caesar first sent...?


Volusenus (military officer) to find out about Britain- he failed.

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Secondly, sent...?


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Troops Caesar took...?


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