OCR AS Classics: Ancient History - The Augustan Chronology

The Augustan Chronology

From The Birth of Gaius Octavian (63 BC) to the Death of Caesar Augustus (AD 14)

From The Birth of Gaius Octavian (63 Bc) to Tahe Death of Ceasar Augustus (AD 14)

  • Includes individuals!
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  • Detailed specific timeline of the Augustan family!
  • Key to any questions regarding the succession of Augustus!

A detailed chronology for the Augustus and The Principate section of the OCR AS Classics: Ancient History course.

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The Augustan Chronology
From The Birth of Gaius Octavian (63 Bc) to The Death of Ceasar Augustus (AD 14)
· 63 BC: The Birth of Gaius Octavian
· 46 BC: Accompanied his great uncle Julius Caesar in this triumph through Rome
· 44 BC: Assassination of Julius Caesar ­ Octavian nomination as Caesar's son
· 43 BC: Given rank of senator and propraetor to engage Mark Antony at battle of Mutina
Formed the Second Triumvirate with Antony and Lepidus for five years
· 40 BC: Married Scribonia ­ Relative of Sextus Pompey
Treaty of Brundisium with Antony, who marries Octavia
· 38 BC: Divorced Scribonia to marry Livia
War with Sextus Pompey
· 37 BC: Treaty of Tarentum ­ Triumvirs extend their powers for five years
· 36 BC: Sextus Pompey defeated ­ Lepidus no longer a triuvir
· 32 BC: Anthony divorced Octavia ­ Octavian declares war on Cleopatra
· 31 BC: The Battle of Actium Key Event!
· 3132 BC: Granted first Consulship
· 30 BC: Death of Mark Antony & Suicide of Cleopatra ­ Octavian took control of Egypt
Granted Tribunician power
· 29 BC: Celebrated his triumph and closed the temple of Janus
· 28BC:
Held a Census
Reduced the Senate from 1000 to 800
Became Princeps Senatus (First Senator)
Reduced legions from 60 to 28
· 27 BC: transferred stat eto the Senate and people of Rome Showing he's not a dictator?
Senate gives Octavian the title 'Augustus' (The Revered One)
Month of Sextilis renamed 'August'
Given Consulship of Spain, Gaul, and Syria ­ Ten year reign All have strong armies
Formed the Praetorian Guard Elite army, 16,000 troops, 'Royal' bodyguard
· 2725 BC: Campaigned + Organised Spain and Gaul
· 23 BC: Critically Ill, resigned consulship and was granted powers by Senate:
Imperium Maius Procunsulare ("power over all the proconsuls")
Potestas Tribunicia (Power of Tribunition)
Created by Nicholas R. Welbrock

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BC?: Conspiracy of Murena
· 1817 BC: Second purge of the Senate (800 to 600) + Moral and Religious Reforms
· 1513 BC: Resided in the province of Gaul
· 13 BC: Powers of Augustus and Agrippa extended for two years
· 12 BC: Became Ponitfex Maxiumus (Chief Priest) after death of Lepidus
Death of Agrippa
· 11 BC: Third purge of the Senate
· 9 BC: Dedicated Ara Pacis
· 8 BC: Powers extended for ten years
Second census takes place
· 2BC: Granted…read more

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Divorces Scirbonia to marry Livia
· 25 BC:
Julia marries Marcellus
· 23 BC:
Marcellus Dies
Augustus suffers extreme illness Jolts his realisation that he needs an heir
· 21 BC:
Julia Marries Agrippa Only allowed 2 years to mourn Marcellus
Agrippa is forced to divorce Vipsania Agrippina to be able to marry
· 17 BC:
Augustus adopts Agrippa's two sons ­ Gaius and Lucius Caesar
Agrippa is named Reagent for the children
· 12 BC:
Agrippa Dies
· 11 BC:
Julia is married to…read more


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