Roman Britain

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Claudian Invasion

  • AD 43
  • 3 legions: north, north-west, Exeter (Vespasian)


  • Verica asks for help (Dio)
  • Needed a military triumph to secure place as emperor (Suetonius)
  • Outshine Caesar
  • Natural resources (Strabo)
  • Romans have a God-given right to Romanise all barbarians (Virgil 'Aeneid')
  • Imbalance of legions (Caligula)
  • Turmoil in Britain (Catuvellauni vs Trinovantes)
  • Druids (Strabo)
  • Explore Britain, links with bettering Caesar- Suetonius
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Claudian Invasion

  • Fight at Colchester
  • Togidumnus killed at Medway
  • Claudius enters on an elephant and receives triumph back in Rome

Later on...

  • Temple of Claudius built at Colchester
  • Colchester becomes colony in AD 49


  • Plautius 43-47
  • Scapula 57-52
  • Gaius 52-57
  • Veranius 57-58
  • Paullinus 58-61
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please expand, it started so well.

abi allen


What did you want to expand on?



Sources, (actual quotes) and what were the consequences of the battle etc.

James Doherty


there were 4 legions
II nd  Augsta
IXth Hispana
XIVth Gemina
XXth Valeria
20'000 legioners, another 20,00 auxilia
for roman britain get hold of a copy of 'ROMAN BRITAIN' BY T.W. Potter and Catherine Jones. it great!!!
oh and don't forget to look into Cesar's early invasions in 55/54 BC and the early clients etc...

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