BMS1032 Homeostasis

Genreal questions on Homeostasis

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1. Negative feedback is?

  • A response which is harmful and brings about negative consequences
  • A decrease in function in response to a stimulus, bringing the value back to the norm.
  • An increase in function in response to a stimulus
  • A response which leaves nasty feedback on the system
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2. hyperglycemia refers to:

  • normal glucose levels
  • high glucose levels
  • low glucose levels

3. What is homeostasis?

  • A tendency to keep values in equilibrium with the external environment
  • A tendency to revert values back towards a set norm
  • A tendency to move in the opposite direction to a set norm
  • A tendency to move away from a set norm

4. insulin is release from?

  • exocrine glands
  • alpha pancreatic cells
  • beta pancreatic cells
  • hepatocytes

5. which of these is not a method used to raise body temp?

  • hair erection
  • vasoconstricion
  • sweating
  • shivering


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