Blood: Introduction and erythrocytes

1. The process of making new erythrocytes depends on hormonal control, adequate supplies of iron, amino acids and __________

  • M vitamins
  • T vitamins
  • B vitamins
  • A vitamins
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2. The average blood volume in healthy adult males is

  • 5-6 L
  • 4-5 L

3. These blood cells are shaped like biconcave discs

  • Platelets
  • Erythrocytes
  • Leukocytes

4. Women have a lower RBC count than men, at 4.2-5.4 million cells/µl of blood vs 4.7-6.1 million cells/µl

  • True
  • False

5. The _________ of haemoglobin is degraded to bilirubin, which is further degraded and is responsible for the brown pigment in feces

  • Globin
  • Iron
  • Heme
  • Cytoplasm


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