1. What is Anaerobic respiration?

  • Respiration when there is a large supply of carbon dioxide
  • Respiration when there is a large supply of oxygen
  • Respiration when oxygen is in short supply
  • Respiration when carbon dioxide is in short supply
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2. Which of these is a limiting factor of photosynthesis?

  • light intensity
  • amount of glucose
  • water
  • oxygen concentration

3. What is the word equation for Aerobic respiration?

  • water + oxygen -> carbon dioxide + glucose
  • glucose + carbon dioxide -> oxygen + water
  • glucose + oxygen -> carbon dioxide + water
  • water + carbon dioxide -> oxygen + glucose

4. What is oxygen debt?

  • having a large amount of oxygen to use for respiration
  • the extra amount of oxygen required to remove all lactic acids from cells
  • the lack of oxygen in the atmosphere

5. What is Metabolism?

  • how fast you can digest your food
  • how fast we can respire
  • the sum of all the reactions in a cell or the body
  • the amount of limiting factors in photosynthesis


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