C1d - Making Polymers for OCR Gateway B

For the new specification from 2011

OCR Gateway B



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Carbon Chemistry
C1d) Making Polymers
Alkenes can be used to make polymers. Alkenes react with
oxygen so they can be used as fuel to make ethanol (alcohol)
and polymers (plastics).
Polymers are large molecules made up of small molecules
called monomers. Very big and long chained molecule.
Plastics are made from polymers. These plastics have polymer
When lots and lots of monomers join to make a polymer ­ this
is called polymerisation.
The process of addition polymerisation requires high pressure and a catalyst.
The double bonds between the two carbon atoms are
broken in polymerisation. The polymer chain grows as
more ethene molecules are bonded.
Bromine is used to test for an alkene. When orange
bromine water is added to an alkene, it turns colourless
The bromine and alkene form a new compound by
addition reaction ­ dibromo compound
Saturated = single covalent bonds = Alkanes
Unsaturated=double covalent bonds = alkenes




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