B2 Keeping Healthy part 3

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1. why might water levels decrease in your blood plasma

  • sweating, eating salt, dehydration
  • sweating, drinking alcohol, doing very little exercise
  • eating salt, drinking too much water
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2. alcohol leads to dilute urine - causing dehydration

  • true
  • false

3. why is it important that we maintain our water levels constant

  • otherwise cells start to become a lot bigger and they start to burst
  • otherwise cells may not work properly
  • otherwise cells will die

4. what is negative feedback

  • when changes are reversed and returned back to the set level.
  • when someone gives you negative feedback ;)
  • when changes are kept the same and are not returned to t original state

5. effectors in the body control system do what

  • produce responses
  • detect changes in the environment
  • receive information and coordinate responses automatically


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