B2 Keeping Healthy part 2

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1. how does a heart attack occur

  • coronary arteries carry oxygenated blood to the heart. fat can build up on the artery walls. a blood clot may form on this fat. this may block the artery and stop oxygen getting to the heart. heart cells die and the heart is permanently damaged.
  • when your heart attacks ;)
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2. what does the muscle inside an artery do

  • ensure it is smooth to allow efficient blood flow
  • contract and increase blood pressure
  • recoil, which allows normal conditions to return after contraction
  • ensure that there is thick outer walls to protect them from bursting due to high pressure

3. what happens in a double-blind trial

  • neither doctors or patients know who is in which group
  • doctors know who is in which group but patients do not
  • both the patient and the doctor know whether the patient is given the new drug. these trials are used when the patient cannot affect the outcome of using the drug

4. why are cappilary walls very thin (only one cell thick)

  • because it doesn't carry a lot of blood
  • to allow oxygen and food to diffuse into cells and waste to diffuse out of cells
  • because the blood is at a low pressure

5. what happens in most human trials

  • humans are raced on an Olympic course
  • one group takes new drug. the controls (another group) takes a placebo or an existing drug for that illness
  • a group of people take a new drug


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