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2. what does the lumen do

  • recoil, which allows normal conditions to return after contraction
  • ensure it is smooth to allow efficient blood flow
  • contract and increase blood pressure
  • ensure that there is thick outer walls to protect them from bursting due to high pressure

3. why is the amount of muscle and elastic fibres small

  • because high pressure does not need to be maintained as the blood is at a lower pressure in veins than in arteries
  • because there is less blood being pumped from th right lower chamber
  • because there is more fat surrounding themwhat do cappilaries do

4. what is an open-label trial

  • doctors know who is in which group but patients do not
  • both the patient and the doctor know whether the patient is given the new drug. these trials are used when the patient cannot affect the outcome of using the drug
  • neither doctors or patients know who is in which group

5. what does the blood bring to the heart

  • only oxygen
  • oxygen and glucose
  • waste products and glucose


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