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until '08 WSPU pursued peaceful forms of protest aimed at doing what?
arousing public sympathy and drawing political attention to womens' suffrage question
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after what event did the failure of these tactics become apparent?
huge hyde park meeting of '08
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failed to influence gov at all
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and this encouraged WSPU to?
move toward more violent forms of militancy
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when did liberals win landslide victory in HoC?
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liberals more concerned with what programme of theirs than women's suffrage?
radical social welfare reforms
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as well as resistance from?
conservative ctrlled HoL
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the qiestion of?
irish home rule
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and worsening?
national trade balance
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when did asquith replace campbellbannerman as PM?
april '08
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asquith sceptical over?
whether maj MPs wanted suffrance
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reasoned representation in parliament wasn't a universal right citing what as an example?
children don't have vote
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refused to consider female suffrage unless?
clear demonstration of significant demand
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in response when di women meet in hyde park demanding the vote?
june '08
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a meeting of around how many ppl?
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what happened?
asquith just like didn't care
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convinced moderate peaceful protest not answer?
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christabel directed mass campaign of window-breaking believing what?
only violence could influence the government
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what season and year marked the start of voilent militancy?
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christabel sent to prison for how long for window breaking?
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why was the purpose to target private property?
convince gov + public everyday life couldn't continue with women excluded
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who became a popular target?
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what were thrown at his car?
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and he was attacked where?
on a golf course
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when did the WSPU rganise a march on parliament?
june '09
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in this protest the windows of which 3 places were smashed?
home office / treatury / privy council
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later in the monthwhat did jailed prisoners start doing?
refusing all food on hunger strik
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what did the gov introduce?
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but what did this just do?
create scenes of sacrifice for the protesters
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how much later did gov come upwith solution to hunger strikes?
four years
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what act undermined somewhat the propaganda of force-feedings?
Temporary Discharge for III-Health Act
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in what year?
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this act was also known as?
the Cat and Mouse act
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what did it order for women on hunger strike?
if they became ill they were to be released until they became healthy enough to be arrested again
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what effect did this have on WSPY?
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and to general public?
aroused hostility
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seemed to surrender any claims the gov had to?
moral authority
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was it an effective solution?
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on what date was the most notorious act of militancy in what became knonw as balck friday?
18th nov '10
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when gov refused to do what?
give time to debate legislation for women's suffrage
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WSPU responded by sending how many wommen into HoC?
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this group did what?
clashed w/ police around parliament
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police deliberately rough doing what?
assaulting the women, sometimes sexually
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police's attempt to do what?
teach them a lesson
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what did christabel do?
declare all out war against men
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while emmeline felt who were the enemy?
just the liberal party
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after this WSPU tried avoid street protests instead turning to?
damaging property
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in '12 what did WSPU target?
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and set fire to?
pillar boxes
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while till continuing its programme of?
window smashing
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same year saw start of widespread acts of
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in '13 how many paintings in mcr art gallery hacked apart?
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post-'08 violence did what for suffragettes?
increased publicity
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but alienated?
non-violent campaigners
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who in particular was sad?
millicent fawcett
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for fawcett what was part of the case for womens' votes?
they were morally superior to men
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in '08 what did mrs humphrey ward est for women who didn't want the vote?
Women's National Anti-Suffrage League
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in '09 what did cromer form for men that didn't want women to get the vote?
Men's League for Opposing Women'sSuffrage
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this included how many branches nationwide?
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why did ex-WSPU member therese billington-greig believe violence was dishonest?
engineered by pankhursts to win publicity
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pre-08 violence was used to?
promote women's suffrage
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but what has been said about the '08-'14 violence?
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however waht from '05-'08 convinced WSPU violence was the way fwd?
the government didn't respond
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after what event did the failure of these tactics become apparent?


huge hyde park meeting of '08

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and this encouraged WSPU to?


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when did liberals win landslide victory in HoC?


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