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what job did she hold in the central committee after quitting school in '06?
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what did she design?
flags / banners / gifts for the movement
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that were later sold?
un the shop she ran
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arrested later in '06 for?
disrupting a court case
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though she didn't approve of what?
increasing militancy after '08
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and failed to do what?
persuade E/C to moderate tactics
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in spring '13 how many times was she arrested?
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arrested again when?
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but why was she released and rearrested many times?
intro of cat and mouse act
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in '11 what book did she publish outlining actiosn of WSPU?
the suffragette: the history of the women's militant suffrage movement '05-'10
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emphasised what about militancy?
sacrifices suffragettes made
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what happened when christabel severed connections between movement and ILP?
sylvia remained close to them and worked with them to promote wc womens suffrage
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as a scialist what did she quickly grow tired of?
WSPU increasingly fashionable social elite composition
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sylvai believed move from labour was typical of christabel's?
'incipient toryism'
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what move can be seen pragmatic?
move to toryism and extending franchise to propertied women
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made womens votes easier to achieve
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sylvia still though kept close links w/ ILP and was friends with?
keir hardie
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sylvia devoted her efforst to campaigning where and appealing to wc fams?
london's east end
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sylvia wanted WSPU to be what kind of org?
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in what year did the political differences become too great?
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sylvia left the WSPU and founded?
East London Federation of Suffragettes
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what was the organisation?
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and included what kind of people?
working class women + males
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what did she design?


flags / banners / gifts for the movement

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that were later sold?


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arrested later in '06 for?


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though she didn't approve of what?


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