Individual Women in the WSPU

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  • Successes of individual women
    • Emily Davison
      • Studied at Oxford but quit her job in 1908 to campaign full time for the vote
      • Hid beneath the HOC the night before the 1911 census so that she could appear as residing in the HOC
      • she frequently acted without the WSPU's instruction
      • killed when she collided with the King's horse at Epsom Derby in 1913- unclear whether she was committing suicide or trying to attach a WSPU flag to the horse
      • her funeral was used by the WSPU as a publicity stunt
      • her actions showed the the WSPU were unable to control all their members
    • Emmeline and Christabel Pankhurst
      • leaders of the WSPU
      • Christabel organised the militancy while Emmeline attracted members
      • Christabel was imprisoned for spitting on a police officer at a public meeting and refused to have her family pay to get her out
      • Christabel inspired acts of arson in 1912, including on Churches and and the anti-suffrage cabinet minister Lewis Harcourt's house
      • They led the move away from the ILP in 1906, which is seen as the suffragettes shift to the right
      • their inability to compromise weakened the movement
    • Sylvia Pankhurst
      • she was a socialist
      • she worked to promote women's suffrage amongst the working classes
      • when her family leant more towards the Tories, Sylvia kept close connections with labour
      • regularly in and out of prison for acts of militancy
      • arrested in 1906 for disrupting a court case
      • left the Royal College of Arts in 1906 to devote herself as the WSPU's secretary
      • founded the ELFS after leaving the WSPU following arguing with her mother in 1913


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