B ; wspu ; political org success ; early tactics of wspu '05-'08

when was WSPU est?
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emmeline pankhurst
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and early mmbshp consisted of?
small grp wc women
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mainly wives of?
ILP supporters
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by summer '05 WSPU had how many members?
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why were emmeline / christabel / sylvia ILP supporters?
thoguht they'd help them get the vote
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even when majority MPs in HoC agreed w/ women what happened?
nothing no change in '06
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pankhursts calculated what was neccessary even with parliament pro-woemn MPs?
political movement that would challenge the gov
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what was the WSPU motto?
'deeds not words'
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when did militancy start?
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who started adpoting moderate militancy of?
meeting disruptions / demonstrations / heckling
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she initiated the campaign by disrupting whose speech @ a public meeting?
sir edward grey
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imprisoned with which WSPU member for the act?
annie kenney
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militancy move drew insipration from?
irish home rule movement
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whose leader decided to?
oppose all liberal cdid8s even those that supported them
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parnell's approach was not to target individual MPs but to?
put pressure on gov
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this approach required what in the structure of the WSPU like the irish home rule?
autocratic leadership
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what did WSPU want to do like parnell to encourage public support?
enrage and shock the government and be hated and feared and force state into retributive acts
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through '05 what was militancy mainly?
heckling and disrupting meetings
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in '06 / '07 got more militant including suffragettes chaining themselves to railings where?
downing street / statues in HoC loby
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on what date did a WSPU grp break into the parlaiment lobby, wave flags and make speeches?
25th oct '06
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how many arrested for breaching the peace and sent to prison?
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of these how many were uc/mc women?
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what did notion of socially elite women in prison supply WSPU with tool to do?
create sympathy w/ m/uc aaudiences
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like using the arrest of mrs cobden sanderson shook the polite ladies and gave them WSPU supp cuz she was which politician's daughter?
richard cobden
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exposed class divides why?
impact of WC women going to prison never produced same public response
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what did this martyr creation from imprisonment make women protesters appear?
unjustly punished victims of male ctrlld state
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why was this a valuable propaganda weapon?
built public sympathy and shoed gov to be brutal and reactionary
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what kinds of meetings became way of raising support and funds?
breakfast meetinfs to celebrate womens' release from prison
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when did WSPU hold the first 'women's parliament' in westminster?
feb '07
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pps then marched on parliament only to be?
attacked by police
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how many women went to court?
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most being sentenced to?
few weeks holloway prison
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militant acts attracted immense support much of it crucial to whose success?
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WSPU militancy won publicity which helped NUWSS biild mmbshp
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in '07 NUWSS org own mass meeting for supporters that became known as?
'mud march'
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how many attended?
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emmeline pankhurst

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and early mmbshp consisted of?


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mainly wives of?


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by summer '05 WSPU had how many members?


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