B ; cda ; why repealed ; james stansfeld (1820-98)

which two men (ugh) were responsible for oranising the movement?
james stansfeld and henry j. wilson
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what did stansfield work in until 1874?
gladstone's cabinet
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why did he stop?
liberals lost election
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what was his political persuasion?
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he was a leading what in parliamnet?
radical mp
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pre-'74 why was he constrained from campaigning?
role in cabint
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but from 1874 took dominant role in?
leading national movement campaigning against cda
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prior to '74 who guided LNA policy?
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while stansfeld did what?
reshaped movement to more effective political group
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what kinds of arguments did he look to develop?
scientific ones based on facts
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which transformed campaign from moral venture to?
pragmatic one
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what association did stansfeld encourage the formation of?
National Medical Association (NMA)
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which enlisted medical professionals to?
campaign against the acts
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when did pressure pay off?
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under which government?
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who agreed to do what?
establish committee of inquiry into acts
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which continued to gather information until?
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when did liberals return to power?
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then who was appt 2 inquiry?
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stansfeld's role created some tension with who?
middle-class women in LNA
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because what did they feel?
men too influential in movemnt
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women like butler prefered making alliances with which types of men?
working class men
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generally easier to manage
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which skills of stansfeld's did butler rely on?
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but felt what about promenance?
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which belief of henry wilson's did she resent?
tht repeal not esp problem for women but all society
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wilson was instrumental in getting whose support for repeal?
liberal party
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while stansfeld woudl eventually push through final repeal in?
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unlike butler, what were these two eligible to do?
become MPs
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as liberal MPs what did this mean they had?
influence in parliament
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what did stansfield work in until 1874?


gladstone's cabinet

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why did he stop?


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what was his political persuasion?


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he was a leading what in parliamnet?


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