Why were the CDAs repealed?


Why were the CDAs repealed? 

Formation of the Ladies National Association for the Repeal of the CDAs

  • 1869 after the passage of the third act the association was formed by Elizabeth Wolstenhome 
  • 120 women signed a protest against the acts in 1869 
  • Number increased to 2,000 by 1870 
  • However at first gov just ignored the Association 
  • Many women were not allowed to lobby due to thei sex 

The Role of Elizabeth Wolstenhome 

  • Founded the LNA 
  • She spoke around the country from 1869 
  • Convinced Josephine Butler to the movement 
  • However she was far too radical, publically opposed marraige 
  • Also refused to invite Nightingale or feminist thinker Harriet Matieu to the movement, significantly


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