Audience Theory

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1. Postmodern Theory

  • Emphasising on the fact that no media text is of greater value than any other
  • Movement that was made by Guy Ritchie through his famous freeze frames
  • An extended movement from modernism
  • Accepting the dominant ideology within media texts
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2. Cultivation

  • If you watch loads of a deviant action through over use of media, you becoming accepting of it
  • Cognitive satisfaction where pleasure comes from these predictions / expectations
  • Desensitisation of an action, feeling no emotion towards it as spectators are heavy watchers of deviance
  • Recognising conventions due to familiarity

3. The Violence Debate

  • When audiences build up their own picture of the construction based upon their own life experiences
  • May interpret texts in a different way due to opinion leaders view
  • Watching will release our emotions thus reducing our outward aggression (blood letting & desensitisation)
  • Watching something makes you accept it more

4. Hypodermic Needle Theory

  • The blurred boundaries between media and film
  • The mass media has a direct, immediate and powerful effect on its audiences
  • Change your opinions based on conversations you have with people about the topics
  • Become absorbed into the representations of the media world

5. Uses and Gratifications Theory

  • Challenging stereotypes changing your fixed view on a representation
  • Active spectatorships reading the messages of the media and applying it to their own culture / life experiences
  • The mass media has direct, immediate and powerful effect on its audiences
  • Where audience's believe everything they are seeing on screen


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