Assessment of 3rd Crusade


1. How far was failure due to lack of manpower?

  • withdrew February, June – withdrew!
  • Didn’t think he could hold Jerusalem with the amount
  • “Stand fast together, trusting in Christ and victory of Holy Cross” motto
  • makes leading lords swear oath of loyalty to him
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2. How important was Muslim unity in failure of 3rd Crusade? Example

  • Saladin’s armies were failing him.Less trust. Finances running low
  • Byzantine government representative, provided guides until Antioch.
  • discovery of the Holy lance raised morale
  • Got tricked by the Muslims – greedy, mostly died

3. How successful was King Richard in achieving his objectives?

  • Pilgrims were allowed to enter Jerusalem – Treaty of Jaffa
  • brother of King of France.
  • close friend+keen supporter of pope.
  • wife deeply religious.She made him go.

4. What evidence is there that the 3rd Crusade was a failure? Example

  • Siege of Jerusalem: succeeded in dismantling seige towers
  • Close co-operation between Greeks and crusaders
  • Agreement of crown of Jerusalem didn’t work.Conrad assassinated
  • Ever since death of prophet Muhammad, there was a split in religion

5. How important was divided leadership in the 3rd Crusade?

  • Richard attacked the town Phillip was staying in
  • Pope described Jerusalem as “the land of milk and honey”
  • Reform movement, areas in France Pope visited
  • Crusaders younger sons who wouldn’t inherit family land went


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