The 3 RD Crusade Acre Arsuf and the Truce of 1192

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The 3rd
Crusade Acre, Arsuf and the truce of 1192
What happened on the 3rd What evidence is there that the 3rd
Crusade? Crusade was a failure?
Acre June 1191 ­ Richard Did not recapture Jerusalem
arrives with armies with siege Divisions in leaders ­ Phillip +
equipment `bad neighbour', Richard
Saladin camped there too, but Richard handed over Ascalon
unable to win because of new under Treaty of Jaffa
crusaders Richard wouldn't lead his army
Late July 1191 ­ Muslim into Jerusalem
garrison surrender ­ Richard Agreement of crown of
demands 200,000 gold dinars + Jerusalem didn't work as
true Cross Aug 1191 ­ Saladin Conrad is assassinated
delays, garrison killed Arsuf wasn't planned
Autumn 1191 ­ Richard moves
troops down to Jaffa
(see class notes, full timeline)
Were divisions between Richard Was strength of the Muslims under
and Phillip the cause of failure? Saladin the cause of failure?
Neither trusted each other Saladin's armies were failing
Both on opposite sides on who him
should be King of Jerusalem Less trust in Saladin
Didn't split profits Finances running low
Richard's marriage with Saladin's brother nearly
Phillip's sister Alice fell married Richard's sister ­ the
through enemy
Richard attacked the town
Phillip was staying in
Phillip went home
Phillip plotted against Richard
with John, Richard's brother
Was lack of man power the cause of What evidence is there that the 3rd
failure? Crusade was a success?
Frederick had the largest army Pilgrims were allowed to enter
After he drowned in a river, Jerusalem ­ Treaty of Jaffa
most of his army went home Created a springboard for
Phillip had the next huge army future crusades ­ taking Cyprus
After he left, they went with Helped heal divisions ­ no
him more
Richard had the smallest army Richard took Acre
Most efficient Treaty of Jaffa gave him land ­
Unfortunately, not enough Jaffa and Trye

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The 3rd
Crusade Acre, Arsuf and the truce of 1192
Didn't think he could hold Richard increased land held by
Jerusalem with the amount Christian ­ coastline
After 2 failed attempts, he went He defeated Saladin many
home times ­ Battle of Arsuf
Army followed Came to an agreement…read more


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