Hattin and the fall of Jerusalem

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Hattin and the fall of Jerusalem
How did Saladin defeat the crusaders at Hattin? How did he retake Jerusalem?
1184 ­ 30,000 soldiers Saladin's armies swept through crusader states
12,000 cavalry Recaptured crusader costal settlements Palestine
Started preparing for major offensive winter 118687 Late September: Muslims began to besiege
1 May: easily overwhelmed small force of Templar Jerusalem!
and Hospitallers knights Battle of Cresson 29th
September: Recaptured after 5 day siege
2 June: besieged Raymond of Tripoli's wife in 2 October: Saladin makes his triumphant entry
Tiberius Anniversary of Prophet's night Journey from
Saladin knew key would be water Jerusalem to Heaven
so he ensured wells were filled
ferried water for own soldiers
July: Timed battle for midday heat
attacks with archers
What impact did this have on the Franks? What impact did this have on the west?
Hardly any soldiers left Byzantine Andronicus I felt no loyalty to the
Lost most of their land crusader states (no family ties)
Still factions and fighting against each other 1184 ­ Baldwin IV sent knight military orders and
Dying kings meant constant battle over who should patriot of Jerusalem
be next 1184 ­ Henry II and Philip II refused to help
Hatred of common enemy Saladin Crusaders needed manpower
Lost the most important city ­ Jerusalem Before Saladin ­ Crusader states ok
No help from west 2nd
Crusade had more force, however, still defeated
Helpless Eg Egypt 1179 ­ siege of Egypt
Deflated Arguments/
Upset poor leadership
Sad Reynald/

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Hattin and the fall of Jerusalem
Desperate ­ call for 3rd
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