Richard and Philip

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Richard I Phillip II of France and the changing motivation of the
Why did Richard Lionheart agree Why did Phillip II agree to lead the
to lead the 3rd
3rd Crusade?
Religious devotion Sermon by Archbishop Jocius
Personal connections to Holy of Tyre
land (through mother, Eleanor) Religious devotion
Political might Doesn't want Richard to get all
Wants to be a great warrior the glory
Sign of power Doesn't trust Richard
Rebel against his father Henry
able to get out of father's
Why did Frederick Barbarossa What was Frederick's contribution
agree to lead the 3rd
to the 3rd
Very religious The biggest army ­ bigger than
Personal connections with 2nd Richard and Phillip's put
Crusade ­ was 2 nd
in command together
of Conrad's army Outstripped both kings in terms
of wealth, political power and
resources too
Ensured troops were properly
funded ­ own nobles paid for
their crusade
Led huge and wellequipped
Why did knights go on the 3 rd
How did Richard I prepare for the
Crusade? 3rd
o Wanted to recapture Jerusalem Imposed crusading tax Saladin
o Adita tremendi (papal bull) tithe
said they were all sinners and Decided to go by sea ­ knew it
they must repent their would be quicker and safer
sins/redeem themselves Knights had to pay to go ­
o Wanted to destroy the evil eliminated poor and unarmed
Saladin who was likened to the pilgrims
devil Disciplined fighting army
o Crusaders had a much more Sold land for money
defined role ­ 10,000s Latin Sold titles
Christians got involved Sold castles
o Wanted to redeem themselves V. precise planning

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Richard I Phillip II of France and the changing motivation of the
o Free themselves and the world £14,000 spent (1/2 Eng's
of muslim rule crown revenue)
o Adventure Loads of
cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…read more


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