Religious Causes for the Crusades

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  • Religious Causes for the Crusades
    • 1st Crusade
      • To cleanse Jerusalem of the infidel
      • Protect Pilgrims and Eastern Church
      • Count Stephen of Blois dedicated to pious wife
        • Crusaded to please her, returned home and was sent off again
      • Count Hugh of Vermandois wanted to build bridges with Church
        • Offended at brother Philip I's adultery
      • Threat to Christian relics in Jerusalem
      • Plenary Indulgences
    • 2nd Crusade
      • Cassus Belli to retake Edessa (Just War)
      • Leadership
        • Louis VII wanted penance for burning down a church
          • Also wanted to fulfil vow he made to dying brother
        • Conrad III vowed to complete  Jerusalem pilgrimage
    • 4th Crusade
      • Wanted to reinstate Papal Influence in the east
      • Jerusalem occupied by Muslims
      • Plenary Indulgence Reforms
        • Indulgences made available to a wider range of peope
    • 3rd Crusade
      • Capture of the Holy City Jerusalem
        • True Cross taken
        • Christian population ousted
        • Just Cause -Self defence
      • Pope Gregory III - Crusade challenge from God
      • Leadership
        • Richard I - pious fervour, wanted glory from God
          • Also Feudal Ties, Great-grandfather King Fulk of Jerusalem
        • Philip II - Inspired by Archbishop Joscius' speach
          • Rivalry with Richard I


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